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the t.d. bland family foundation will join with corporate executives and community leaders throughout california to raise awareness and direct resources to worthy non-profits, education institutions, and arts focused community-centered organizations



Our Executive Board has chosen to partner with various Los Angeles Community Arts Programs to creatively support the engagement of people, ideas, and resources directly impacting the Southern California Arts Community. 

This partnership will establish vital connections between art/artist, the global arts communities, and enhance the strength, knowledge, and resources for arts programs throughout Southern California. 

The Foundation will work to demonstrate the economic impact of the arts, and to enhance public understanding of how the arts contribute to the vitality of the state of California and our nation. 

As a grantmaker, program initiator, developer of resources, and builder of creative partnerships among artists, arts organizations and donors, the Foundation will use this opportunity to celebrate Los Angles Community Arts Programs and its characteristic values while playing a supporting role in advocating access to the arts for everyone.

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